If you would like to be considered for a career opportunity as part of the CelPlan team, please send us a current, electronic copy of your resume as an email attachment to


You may also contact our Human Resources department via regular mail, phone or facsimile at:


CelPlan Technologies, Inc.

ATTN: Human Resource Department

1920 Association Drive, 4th Floor

Reston, Virginia 20191, USA

Phone+1 (703) 259-4020

FAX+1 (703) 783-8474



CelPlan Brazil

ATTN: Human Resource Department

Av. Moraes Sales, 711 - 6º Andar

Campinas, SP 13010-001, Brazil

Phone+(55-19) 3734-9700

FAX+(55-19) 3734-9797


From time-to-time, we also post our open positions on our social websites.


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MBE, WBE and LSA Job Profile and Description


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