Executive Team

Leonhard Korowajczuk

Founder, CEO/CTO


As the CEO/CTO, Leonhard Korowajczuk sets the high standards for the wireless solutions CelPlan develops.


With over 40 years’ experience in designing telecommunications equipment & wireless networks, Mr. Korowajczuk has a wealth of technical knowledge and business experience.


He started his career as R&D engineer at ITT developing Energy, FDM and PCM equipment (Standard Electrica- Rio de Janeiro, Standard Telephone and Cables- London, Bell Telephone Manufacturing- Antwerp and Standard Electrica- Madrid).

Mr. Korowajczuk was also one of the founders of the CPqD (Brazilian Telecom Research and Development Center) where he was involved in the development of the national PCM (MCP-30) and SPC Switching (TROPICO) equipments.

He held the following positions during his previous career: Executive Director of the Switching and Wireless Divisions oft Elebra Telecomunicações S/A; Director of the Wireless Division of Alcatel in Brazil, CTO of Comsat Plexsys in the USA where he developed Wireless Switching (MSC) and Cellular Radio Equipment (BTS).


Mr. Korowajczuk holds patents in the fields of electrical and mechanical packaging, switching equipment and wireless fraud. He is also the author of the books, "Designing CDMA 2000 Systems" and “LTE, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis”, both published by Wiley.


Together with his team, Mr. Korowajczuk has designed and optimized hundreds of 3G/ 4G networks throughout the world.


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Leonhard Korowajczuk, Founder, CEO/CTO



Eliani Fritsch



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Paulo Leite

Vice President, Engineering


Paulo Leite brings over ten years of senior engineering experience to his role at CelPlan. Along with his extensive product knowledge, he also oversees all customer software licenses, engineering projects, and pre-deployment activities.


Prior to his role with CelPlan, Paulo served in a senior engineering position with Alcatel. Paulo is working towards an MS in Information Systems Technology and holds a BS in Electric Engineering with a focus on telecommunications.


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Mark Crompton

Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development


Mark is the Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development.  Prior to CelPlan, Mark held executive and managerial positions at Agilent Technologies, General Electric, and Motorola.  In these positions, Mark was responsible for business units ranging from 5 to 180M in revenue, strategic acquisitions, corporate marketing, and operations foreign and domestic, He spent nearly one third of his career based in Asia Pacific and Europe. In addition, Mark has consulted for several venture capital and investment firms. 


Mark has a B.S in Business from Western Illinois University and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. In addition, he has an honorable discharge from the US Army at the rank of Captain with over 11 years of active and reserve service.


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Jasper Bruinzeel

Vice President, Wi4Net Division


Jasper Bruinzeel is Vice President of CelPlan’s Wi4Net Division. A wireless and security industry veteran, Bruinzeel is an expert on Wi-Fi, WiMAX, wireless mesh and security technologies, and has played an important role in the adoption of wireless broadband and citywide security solutions with municipalities and public safety organizations. As a result of his in-depth market knowledge, he has been a frequent presenter and has actively participated in industry organizations such as CommNexus, W2i, WCA and NASCIO.


Mr. Bruinzeel has held executive positions with various technology leaders and wireless start-ups. Most recently, he served as Director of Strategic Marketing with Alvarion, where he was responsible for developing the municipal and public safety markets, and strategic partnerships. Further, Bruinzeel has held international marketing and management positions with NEC, Tachyon and SkyGate. Mr. Bruinzeel holds an MSEE degree from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and an MBA degree from San Diego State University.


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Roy Richardson

Vice President, Sales & Marketing


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Cristine Korowajczuk

Director of Customer Support & Training


Cristine Korowajczuk has been affiliated with CelPlan since its inception in 1993.


With a thorough knowledge of the CelPlan software portfolio, she has provided quality assurance control for CelPlan’s software documentation and software version releases. Beyond product support, she has also been a key contributor in the development and delivery of CelPlan’s software training.


Cristine has a BS in Computer Engineering and has been working in RF engineering throughout her career.


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