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CelPlanner Suite Release 11.5

Reston, VA - CelPlan Technologies announced the newest release of its RF Planning and Optimization tools, CelPlanner Suite 11.5, which brings several new features for all the different technologies covered by the company's solutions.


The new features include but are not limited to:

  • The ability to configure propagation models differently per sector
  • Multi-threading in all planning and optimization tools to include CelOptima (AFP) and CelEnhancer (ACP)
  • Enhanced color selection for predictions to maximize the use of today’s improved GIS data.

These new features, combined with the full integration of Google Earth, provide market leading RF analysis and optimization abilities for wireless operators, consultants, and equipment vendors.


CelPlanner Suite series 12 scheduled for 2013 will provide enhanced 4G planning and analysis to include scalable data offloading and traffic planning, multi-technology designs, and LTE advanced configuration for multi-stage migrations.



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