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"4G Technologies: Myths and Realities" Presentation at CANTO 2013

CANTO PresentationOranjestad, Aruba - Leonhard Korowajczuk, CEO/CTO, held a presentation titled, "4G Technologies: Myths and Realities," to the attendees of the 29th Annual Caribbean Association of National Telecom Operators (CANTO) Conference.


Mr. Korowajczuk's presentation desensitized the 4G marketing hype and presented what should actually be expected by operators in terms of real-world capacity, coverage, tonnage, etc.


He also focused on the key differences between 3G (WCDMA/HSPA, CDMA/EVDO) and 4G (LTE, WiMAX & Wi-Fi) technologies, combined with what each technology could realistically deliver vs. the other.


The main objective of his presentation was to build awareness by providing operators with the insight needed to ensure that their 4G business plans are based on feasible deployments while utilizing the most effective technology needed to maximize their ROI.


You can download a copy of Leonhard's presentation from CANTO's website




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