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4G Technologies and Network Design Boot Camp Globally Recognized

Johannesburg, South Africa, August 7, 2013 - In an effort to strengthen the knowledge base of his organization, Dr. Andre Fourie, CEO of Poynting Antennas, attended the 4G Technologies and Network Design Boot Camp held in South Africa in April 2013.


The following is a recommendation he wrote after participating in the training:


"Dr Andre Fourie (CEO, Poynting), Dr Derek Nitch (CTO, Poynting) and Sifiso Gambaya (Design Engineer) attended the first [4G Technologies and Network Design Boot Camp] course [held in South Africa]. This course was originally a 15 day intensive course covering from fundamentals to intricate protocol and other details.


The course is about 10 hrs a day and requires about 2-3 hrs work outside of that per day to stay with the content. Really exhausting but does a lot in the small time span.


To give an indication: 1.5 hrs is spent covering mathematics starting at number theory and finishing with Fourier transforms, correlation, integration, differentiation and so forth - essentially most of the material covered in an undergraduate engineering degree. Same for Signal processing, data communication protocols (ISO stack etc), modulation, antennas, propagation and also business fundamentals. Some of the most useful aspect from our perspective:

  • Rigorous basics associated with propagation, multi-path, modulation and its relation to OFDM (4G) network planning, functioning and design
  • In depth detail on WiMAX, LTE and Wi-Fi standards with reference how they influenced each other and implementation details
  • Detailed information on implementation of each standard above from MAC to IP/TCPIP and higher level. Down to header bits and bytes and function of every aspect that the operator can adjust to optimize system performance
  • Planning a cellular network starting with market input, intended client offering, CAPEX, OPEX and showing how important it is to first define what you want to offer, to which market, for how much and then doing assessment to see if your budget, network etc. can actually deliver this and do so profitably and be successful based on investment level planned for.
  • Huge amount of background articles, details of standards provided to aid further in depth investigations/studies
  • Brief overview of CelPlan software tools to plan coverage, service levels and different tools to help with financial/performance/QOS analysis.

The course presenters have experience, knowledge and the ability to transfer this knowledge which is priceless.


Normally I have a cynical view to any course since outcomes rarely meets my expectations. The course cost is an issue, but the real issue is the manpower cost to attend such course. In this case it opened a new world and insight both on my level (company strategic/product architect), Derek's level (guiding technical development/R&D) and Sifiso (design of CPE antennas for use in LTE antennas). Quite remarkable, and really a course not to be missed by anybody from hard core engineering to company executive level, if you wish to survive, understand and thrive in the new Wireless Universe a lot of us are about to enter."


CelPlan is very appreciative of the recommendation given by Dr. Fourie. We have also addressed two concerns raised by Dr. Fourie, which are both the cost of the course and the manpower costs, by means of creating an Online edition of our 4G Technologies and Network Design Course. Please see our training calendar for more information on upcoming courses.




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