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CelPlan announces CellSpectrum™ at MWC2014

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2014, Barcelona, Spain - February 24, 2014 - CelPlan Technologies, Inc. (CelPlan), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization tools, technology consulting and engineering services to the wireless industry, today announced the release of CellSpectrum™, a unique, patent-pending, RF Spectrum and Channel Analyzer based on a universal software-defined receiver (SDRx) that enables the capturing, digitizing, storage and analysis of detailed wide-band RF spectrum.

CellSpectrum™ digitizes up to 100 MHz of spectrum at a time, from 100 MHz to 18 GHz, extracting parameters as: LTE channel response per Resource Element, Multipath delay spread, Average frequency fading, Average time fading, Noise floor & interference, Signal to Noise Ratio along the RF frame, RF channel response along the frame and MIMO antenna correlation over a drive test route. It also supports time synchronized measurements, the decoding of multiple technologies and single or multiple deployments, which also makes it ideal for triangulation.

Additionally, allocation and traffic information can be derived, providing valuable information about the allocation used for Inter Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC).  Framed OFDM transmitters, like WiMAX and LTE, provide ideal platforms to characterize the RF channel.


  • Allows the analysis of important RF channel characteristics needed for the proper design of 4G networks;
  • Captures the signal of a spectrum analyzer during a network drive and stores the information digitally, so it can be processed in the office;
  • Captures all LTE channels detectable at each location;
  • Captures all the multipath of a specific channel at each location, allowing for a perfect dimensioning of the Cyclic Prefix. It displays the channel frequency and time response on a frame basis.
  • Displays the traffic allocation of all Resource Elements in a frame for each antenna port. This allows the analysis of own and competitor's traffic loads.
  • Displays the antenna correlation, essential for MIMO analysis. This allows for the definition of how many antennas should be deployed in each site and what is the best positioning of such antennas.

CellSpectrum's Software Defined Receiver allows for the continuous addition of new technologies and features as the wireless industry evolves. Its powerful capabilities, small form factor and light weight also makes it the ideal solution for drive test measurements.

CellSpectrum captures and stores the spectrum during the drive test, allowing post processing and analysis of the spectrum at later dates.

The CellSpectrum™ product consists of a Software Defined Receiver (SDRx) combined with Capture, Processing and Analysis Software.

  • CellSpectrum™ 1000 consists of a Software Defined Receiver (SDR), a regular Spectrum Analyzer, a rugged outdoor multi-satellite GPS with WAAS, a Dead Reckoning unit, a universal antenna (698-960 MHz/1700-2700 MHz), a rugged Windows based PC with Solid-state drives (SSD), and cables. Band-pass filters are not included but should be added for the specific bands being measures to avoid receiver saturation.
  • CellSpectrum™ 2000 consists of software capable of capturing, storing and analyzing time and location stamped spectrum data using the CellSpectrum™ 1000 hardware.

Whether in the lab, facility, field or across the city, CellSpectrum™ is the only platform that enables universal spectrum analysis and RF path characterization for all wireless communications. It is a unique product in the market and a must have solution for the wireless industry.

LTE technology presents a big challenge to designers as it requires an in-depth knowledge of the RF environment, which has to be accessed along the service area. Existing test gear does not provide a solution. Below we present some of the measurements that CellSpectrum provides.

Spectrum data is captured and displayed in blocks of 80ms. Date for 6 LTE frames is then extracted and analyzed per antenna port.  Typical measurements for each drive test sample point are:

  • Signal Strength per Resource Element
  • RF Channel Response per Resource Element
  • Multipath Delay spread
  • RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ (using three methods)
  • Signal to Noise/Interference
  • Transmit Antenna Correlation
  • Statistical data
    • Frequency fade mean and deviation
    • Time fade means and deviation
    • Traffic carrying resource elements

Attendees of the 2014 Mobile World Congress are invited to visit CelPlan at Booth 5I40 in Hall 5 of the Gran Fira to meet the CellSpectrum™ development team and to also learn first-hand about this unique product.

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