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CelPlan announces CellDesigner™ at MWC2014

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2014, Barcelona, Spain - February 25, 2014 - CelPlan Technologies, Inc. (CelPlan), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization tools, technology consulting and engineering services to the wireless industry, today announced its latest RF planning & optimization tool, CellDesigner™.


CellDesigner™ is a next generation RF planning and optimization tool that is based on customer experience parameters and provides reliable/long lasting network optimization. It has enhanced 3D-RF predictions, multiple service classes, statistical SNR availability, and customer experience considerations. It is an ideal companion for SON-based solutions.


Multi-Technology Support
CellDesigner™ supports all wireless technology standards, including but not limited to LTE -A (TDD and FDD), WiMAX, WI-FI, WCDMA (UMTS), HSPA, HSPA+, IS2000 (1xRTT, EVDO), GSM, GPRS, EDGE, EDGE-E, CDMA One, PMR/LMR (Tetra and P25), MMDS/LMDS, DVB-T/H, and Wireless Backhaul.

Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP)
CellDesigner™ features an automatic resource-planning tool that utilizes sophisticated statistical algorithms to allow the user to dramatically increase the network capacity and performance. It automatically and efficiently optimizes handoff thresholds, neighbor lists, and frequency plans. It also offers optimization of several CDMA network parameters. It is the only tool in the industry that allows sequential layers of optimization and geographic performance analysis for the entire network.

As outlined in our White Paper, The Role of Planning and Optimization Tools in SON ICIC, CelPlan has developed a new methodology (patent pending) based on cell interference regions, capable of increasing significantly cell capacity and ideal to be used in conjunction with SON and ICIC.

Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)
Additionally, CellDesigner™ is also capable of automatically shaping cell footprints to simultaneously minimize interference (considering diversity effects), while maintaining the same coverage, and balancing traffic.

It also allows optimization of radiated power, antenna type, tilt, azimuth, and height. Users can specify parameters changes for each sector, their relative priority, and the acceptable value range for each modification.

Google Earth Integration
CellDesigner™ integrates Google Earth into it, so it is capable of presenting the predictions and measurements live in the 3D environment.

Integration of Field Measurement Data
CellDesigner™ can be configured to collect data from virtually all types of measurement equipment, from general spectrum analyzers to specialized vendors' equipment, and it also features CelPlan's exclusive Hyper Windows, allowing engineers to open multiple, synchronized windows for easy analysis of various types of information.

Network Master Plan (NMP)
As outlined our White Paper, Customer Experience Optimization in Wireless Networks, CelPlan has developed a methodology that simplifies SON and ICIC procedures (patent pending). We are talking to vendors and operators that are willing to benefit from this solution.

Backhaul Planning

CellDesigner™ also calculates network interconnections, interference analysis & reporting for point-to-point, microwave transmission links. It implements all of the 3GPP specifications and integrates fully with Google Earth, presenting the Fresnel zone in 3D.

GIS Database Editor

CellDesigner™ also includes a powerful GIS database editor that allows users to edit and process geographical databases. A set of specialized applications is included in the tool, providing users with resources to handle and modify imagery, topographical, and morphological data.

Attendees of the 2014 Mobile World Congress are invited to visit CelPlan at Booth 5I40 in Hall 5 of the Gran Fira to meet the CellDesigner™ development team and to also learn first-hand about this unique product.


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About CelPlan
CelPlan Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Reston Virginia, USA, is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization tools, value added consulting, engineering and training services to the wireless industry.


CelPlan has facilitated with the design, optimization and expansion of large and small networks throughout the world. It's broad, inclusive focus on all segments of the wireless industry combined with its powerful and sophisticated portfolio of RF engineering capabilities and RF tools enables it to successively and efficiently resolve the most intractable wireless problems.


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