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CelPlan announces CellTrace™ at MWC2014

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2014, Barcelona, Spain - February 26, 2014- CelPlan Technologies, Inc. (CelPlan), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization tools, technology consulting and engineering services to the wireless industry, today announced the release of CellTrace™, a suite of software tools that addresses Radio Frequency (RF) planning, design, modeling, analysis and optimization of wireless communication systems within buildings, tunnels, stadiums and in urban environments.


CellTrace™ uses 3D vector databases with planar objects, each with their own individual properties, combined with extremely fast and accurate propagation models to compute path loss and wide-band properties of the radio links inside buildings and even on different floors.


It can be used to model many different radio interfaces, such as LTE, WiMAX (802.16x), and Wi-Fi. Additionally, CellTrace also supports MIMO technology, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), leaky feeder cables and a number of other transmission modes.


Depending on the application, CellTrace™ offers static, Monte-Carlo, and dynamic network simulators. It also allows for the planning of coverage and capacity as well as network simulations.


CellTrace™ computes the capacity (throughput, max. data rates, packet delays, QoS, etc.) of the different radio links and cells in the network based on the coverage analysis and the traffic assumptions. Capacity limitations and overloaded cells can be detected easily and networks can be optimized to provide both high capacity and throughput.


Capacity improvements due to MIMO and/or Beamforming are modeled accurately because of the sophisticated, deterministic propagation models. Arbitrary antenna configurations (linear, circular,...) are possible and their impact on the radio channel - determined during the propagation analysis - is considered in the network planning.


CellTrace™ has the most advanced RF propagation algorithms, based on 3D ray-tracing and prevalent path, that predict accurately indoor environments, tunnels, stadiums and any other location.


CellTrace™ comes in two versions to address the specific needs of the end-user:

  • CellTrace™ I: Supports the indoor deployments of all wireless technologies, including inside tunnels
  • CellTrace™ D: Supports only Wi-Fi network planning in indoor scenarios

The following add-on modules are also available for CellTrace™:

  • CellComp, which includes all components for indoor network planning.
  • CellAntenna, which offers a convenient facility to generate and edit antenna patterns.

Attendees of the 2014 Mobile World Congress are invited to visit CelPlan at Booth 5I40 in Hall 5 of the Gran Fira to meet the CellTrace™ development team and to also learn first-hand about this unique product.


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CelPlan Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Reston Virginia, USA, is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization tools, value added consulting, engineering and training services to the wireless industry.


CelPlan has facilitated with the design, optimization and expansion of large and small networks throughout the world. It's broad, inclusive focus on all segments of the wireless industry combined with its powerful and sophisticated portfolio of RF engineering capabilities and RF tools enables it to successively and efficiently resolve the most intractable wireless problems.


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