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CelPlan Technologies and UALR enter into Agreement for Radio-Frequency (RF)-based systems, standards and technologies courseware.

UALR LogoLittle Rock, Arkansas (Sept. 12, 2014) - CelPlan Technologies, Inc. (CelPlan), an international leader in the wireless industry has agreed to provide license-free, state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization software and training materials on radio communications and Radio-Frequency (RF)-based systems, standards and technologies for faculty and students of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Department of Systems Engineering.


Under the terms of the academic agreement, CelPlan is providing UALR with 20 complimentary licenses of its CelPlannerâ„¢ Suite of RF Planning & Optimization software for use in university computer labs through the end of the 2014 academic year. The training materials and content provided by CelPlan may also be used by UALR to augment its academic curriculum.


UALR is only the second university in the world to sign such an academic agreement with CelPlan.


Company officials also agreed to provide on-site instructor training a discounted rate, according to Dr. Hussain Al-Rizzo, professor and director of the Antennas and Wireless Systems Research Laboratory at UALR.


The software will be used by faculty teaching graduate and undergraduate-level courses, as well as those performing masters and doctoral-level research, said Al-Rizzo.


“This agreement with CelPlan is extremely valuable and we are quite fortunate,” he said. “It will be a major resource for our students and faculty as we prepare for re-accreditation.”


Telecom businesses considering locating to Little Rock may find the training and research the software provides especially appealing, according to Al-Rizzo.


Roy Richardson, Vice President of Business Development for CelPlan stated: “We are very pleased to have UALR as a member of our Academic Program. This is a great opportunity to share our 25+ years' of knowledge & expertise in radio frequency (RF) communication systems and related industry leading tools to the engineering community at UALR”.


The vast majority of the 4G courseware provided to UALR is based on the book, LTE, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis, written by CelPlan’s Chief Engineering Officer/Chief Technology Officer, Leonhard Korowajczuk.


Dr. Al-Rizzo received a personalized copy of the book to help with software training.
Dr. Al-Rizzo, a winner of UALR's Excellence Awards in Teaching and Research, serves as Mentor for international undergraduate and graduate students in the UALR College of Engineering and Information Technology, where the Department of Systems Engineering is housed.


About UALR’s Department of Systems Engineering, College of Engineering and Information Technology
The vision of Systems Engineering Department is to be recognized as one amongst the few leading institutions with systems engineering programs in the nation, imparting the highest quality education to undergraduate and graduate students and conducting research in core areas of foci leading to national and international recognition.


The UALR Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering, specializing in one of four fields, including Electrical Systems, Computer Systems, Mechanical Systems, and Telecommunication Systems.
The Systems Engineering Department offers a Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering. Also, the Systems Engineering Department participates in and leads the Ph.D. Program in Engineering Science and Systems offered by the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology.


About CelPlan Technologies
CelPlan Technologies Inc., based in Virginia and with support offices in South America and Africa, is a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization tools, value added consulting, engineering and training services to the wireless industry. Since 1992, the year it was founded, CelPlan has facilitated with the design, optimization and expansion of large and small networks throughout the world.


The firm has participated in 1,000’s of networks over the last 20 years, some of which included RF planning & optimization, RFP creation & response assessments, network modeling, network audits, migration planning, network deployments, project management, and technology transfer programs, to name a few.



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