System Deployment

During the system deployment phase, CelPlan provides the detailed design for a smooth deployment and verifies the global system performance. All of these steps can be performed exclusively by CelPlan personnel or in conjunction with our client’s staff. CelPlan acts as executor, advisor, and/or personnel trainer for the entire range of wireless design activities. Typical steps in this phase are as follows:

  • Adjustments to the economic model based on an approved business plan
  • Technology and vendor selection (as an independent company, CelPlan is not beholden to any vendor, so our recommendations are made based only on your needs)
  • Final coverage prediction
  • Frequency plan generation and interference analysis
  • Evaluation of traffic capacity through random call simulation (a unique CelPlan capability)
  • Site acquisition and survey
  • Switching center positioning and PSTN interconnection
  • Networking and link design
  • Equipment dimensioning and specification
  • Coverage and interference analysis, including adjustments to compensate for position deviation
  • System commissioning
  • Drive test to measure the system’s performance (indoor/outdoor coverage, call quality, statistical analysis, equipment performance, and competitive analysis)
  • Equipment and interconnection management with a controlled documentation and tracking system for network topology, logical functionality, assets control and tracking, location and distribution of equipment, and hardware/software revisions.

Please contact our Sales Team to obtain more information on this and other services CelPlan can provide to your organization.