Wireless Communication Fundamentals

Target Audience
Some fundamental principles apply to all technologies and their understanding is essential to understand the workings of each type of network. This class was conceived for engineers and management that need to understand technological aspects of the network.


Wireless Communications Overview or equivalent knowledge.


Cover basic principles applicable to all wireless systems focusing on the understanding of signal processing, RF propagation, and Radio Performance.


Course Syllabus


Refresher on Signal Processing Fundamentals Orthogonal Signals
Combining Copies of a Sinewave
Carrier Modulation

RF Channel Analysis The Signal

  • The RF Channel
  • RF Signal Propagation
  • RF Channel in Frequency Domain
  • RF Channel in Time Domain
  • RF Channel in Power Domain
  • Standardized Channel Models
  • RF Environment
  • Fading

RF Channel Performance Prediction Advanced RF Propagation Models

  • RF Measurements and Propagation Model Calibration
  • RF Interference Issues
  • Interference Mitigation Techniques
  • RF Spectrum Usage and Resource Planning
  • Availability

Radio Performance Input RF Noise

  • Receiver Circuit Noise
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Course Type: Private Class


Course Length: 1 day (6 hours)


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