Free Webinar: Spectrum Analysis for LTE Systems

This is the 6th webinar of the CelPlan Webinar Series


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4G Training & Certification

LTE is an OFDM broadband technology, with very wide channels. Narrow band channels present similar fading characteristics in its bandwidth, with variations restricted only to time dimension. Wide band channels vary in the frequency domain also. The designer has to have a full understanding of this variations and this information is not available with traditional test gear.


Until today designers had to guess multipath and fading performance, but the deployment of wide band channels and MIMO techniques require a precise understanding of this effect geographically.


Decisions as where to deploy cells, what number of antennas to use and parameter settings, can represent huge capital (CAPEX) savings and reduce operational costs (OPEX).


In this webinar we will address what spectrum analysis should be made and how they can be achieved. We also address how the spectrum analysis will impact the network design. This webinar builds on top of our previous webinars:

  • Webinar 1: How to consider User Traffic in 4G Networks
  • Webinar 2: How to consider Overhead in LTE Dimensioning
  • Webinar 3: How to take into account Customer Experience when Designing a Wireless Network
  • Webinar 4: LTE Measurements, What they mean and how are they used?
  • Webinar 5: What LTE parameters need to be Dimensioned and Optimized

The recorded sessions of our previous webinars are available for viewing on the webinars page.


CelPlan Technologies is pleased to present this free, educational webinar on "Spectrum Analysis for LTE Systems". 


In our session, we will discuss:

  1. RF Parameter Characterization in Broadband Channels
  2. Traditional Spectrum Analysis
  3. LTE Performance Spectrum Analysis
  4. Network Characterization though Drive Test
  5. Drive Test Devices
    1. Software Defined Receivers
    2. Spectrum recording
  6. Visualizing Measurements in Multiple Dimensions
    1. 1 Dimension
    2. 2 Dimensions
    3. 3 Dimensions
  7. Measurement Interpolation and Area Prediction
  8. Explaining LTE Measurement Content
    1. RX Signal Strength per RE
    2. Noise Filtered Channel Response for each RS
    3. RF Channel Response for RS carrying OFDM symbols
    4. RF Channel Response for all OFDM symbols
    5. Impulse Response for each RS Carrying OFDM symbol
    6. Multipath Delay Spread
    7. Reference Signal Received Power
    8. Receive Signal Strength Indicator: full OFDM symbols
    9. Receive Signal Strength Indicator: RS RE of OFDM symbols
    10. Receive Signal Strength Indicator: PBCH
    11. Reference Signal Received Quality: full OFDM symbols
    12. Reference Signal Received Quality: RS RE of OFDM symbols
    13. Reference Signal Received Quality: PBCH
    14. PSS Power Distribution Profile
    15. PSS Power
    16. Frequency Fade Mean
    17. Frequency Fade Variance
    18. Signal power
    19. Noise Power
    20. Signal to Noise and Interference Ratio
    21. Antenna Correlation
    22. LTE Frame Traffic Load

This webinar is part of a series of webinars on LTE and 4G Technologies in general. Each webinar topic is different from the other, but the series is designed in such a way that each webinar builds upon and complements the foundation of the previous webinar.


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