• 16 de August de 2019
  • News

Chile is a very “connected” country and its possible to see that most Chileans use cellphones to connect to the Internet – mobile phones are the most popular means of connection to the online world in the country.

4G is the technology of choice at the moment, but Chile is very close to 5G, which promises even higher speeds and less latency, besides offering new technologies and services.

For this reason, the telecom regulatory agency in Chile, SUBTEL (Superintendência de Telecomunicações), has announced trials to speed up development and tests of new 5G technology in diferente sectors of the economy before deployment for mobile Internet. The trials will be used to prepare the companies to the new global standard of communications which is close to been defined.

The tests will be performed in the 3.5 GHz band and companies interested in participating must indicate so by channels made available by SUBTEL.


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