A new market trend: IoT, the Internet of Things

With the beginning of 5G trials around the world, the foundation for developing new technologies are being created. One of the new resources becoming each day more pervasive is the Internet of Things (IoT), which defines the virtual interconnection between any object or machine to the Internet, connecting the physical and online worlds.

This new technology creates a great new number of opportunities for technology companies, regardless of the industry, because it can be beneficial to all of them. For example, the technology introduces new ways of connecting clientes and suppliers, allowing for processes automation and optimization, drastically reducing the need of large inventory and promoting faster response time to meet the needs and demands of customers; it also allows improvements in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) services, such as non-invasive patient monitoring.

In summary, this trend will not be limited to a specific industry or market, it is na approach that will allow any business to become more efficient and benefit of possible cost reductions, all thanks to integration of IoT technology. CelPlan is proud to be part of this trend, been highly involved in the design and optimization of IoT networks and projects in several industries.