Our Values

Respect and Integrity – to follow ethical and honorable principles;
Transparency – to offer a clear view of the company and provide important data to shareholders, employees, suppliers and the community;
Satisfaction – to work with pride in being a part of the CelPlan team;
Participation and Cooperation – to cultivate an environment that promotes teamwork and in which opinions are respected, favoring creativity and initiative;
Discipline – to respect norms and standards that guarantee process stability, safety and respect for the environment;
Commitment – to cultivate loyalty and actions that prioritize the company’s global objectives.
Sustainability – CelPlan Technologies takes to heart the United Nations (UN) set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of a new sustainable development agenda. As stated by the UN, for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be reached, “everyone needs to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like you.” CelPlan used the SDGs as a source of inspiration and adapted them to match its niche in the industry and their applicability to its company size and team of employees. Reach out to CelPlan to learn more about our sustainability goals.


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