CelPlan will be at UTCAL (Utilities Telecom & Technology Council America Latina) Summit 2019, the largest trade show for utilities in Latin America (http://www.utcamericalatina.org/summit2019/). The event will take place March 26 to 29, at Windsor Barra Hotel, in Rio de Janeiro. Tutorials and pre-conferences happen on the 26th, and the Summit is held March 27 to 29.

The main topics of UTCAL this year are grid modernization and management, telecommunication networks for utilities, the diverse trends and technologies applicable to critical systems and AMI (advanced metering infrastructure), including everything from proprietary systems (in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum) to private LTE networks and 5G. The UTCAL Summit 2019 will be attended by almost all Brazilian electrical utilities and the biggest players in this industry.

In this Summit, Antônio Vivaldi, CelPlan‘s CTO, will give a presentation on the process for selecting technologies for modernization of communication networks for distribution automation and metering. The theme will be “PoC (Proof of Concept) – Is this enough to choose the technology?” The presentation and discussion will be held in the Segóvia III room, from 12 PM to 12:40 PM, on March 28th.

Come talk to us about planning and infrastructure modernization of telecom networks.


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