Communications networks are evolving in the aviation industry. Commercial airlines are offering improved WiFi access to passengers and ground communications networks at airports are going to evolve substantially by adopting the latest communications standards. CelPlan is playing an important role in each of those fields:

  • WiFi Access to Passenger: CellAircraft ™Offering WiFi access to airline passengers has an important challenge, to assure that the signals that the airplane collects from passengers via WiFi are sent and received by a ground station for proper internet routing. CelPlan has develop the tools and methodologies needed for proper design for aircraft reach. CellAircraft ™,
    • based on our CellDesigner platform for wireless network design is the module that some of the largest airlines in the USA are using to design this important service to Airline passengers.
  • Airport Ground Communications Networks: AeroMACS ™
    • AeroMACS ™ is the new air interface communications standard that airports will adopt for tarmac and ground communications. It is based on WiMAX and OFDMA and will generate multiple use cases at airports.
  • CelPlan offers a complete suite of tools and services to support Airport Surface Communications Networks deployments:
    • AeroMACS™ Network Design and Planning
    • AeroMACS™ Resource Optimization Software
    • Tarmac Asset Tracking solutions
    • Airport Modelling
    • RF Model Calibration for airport frequencies
    • Backhaul design
    • Communications Availability Analysis
    • Specialized Consulting
Comunicação Aeronáuticas e de Aeroportos (AeroMACS)

In addition, based on CelPlan’ s experience deploying complete end to end surveillance systems in the United States CelPlan can deliver AeroMACS ™ systems to airports on a turnkey basis providing design, project plan, deployment plan, installation services, commissioning and maintenance.

AeroMACS™ will require spectrum coordination and CelPlan is partnering with WiMAX Forum to provide this service to the airports.

AeroMACS™ is standardized worldwide and should be deployed in all airports.