CelPlan has designed multiple advanced wireless networks for ore extraction and transportation addressing the following requirements:

  • Remote control operation of fixed and mobile mining machinery
  • Fleet management systems using wireless radio networks to collect data from large haul trucks
  • Dispatch systems
  • Wireless telemetry – monitoring and sensor systems (e.g. ventilation fans, fatigue, power network, alarms, treatment plant, conveyors, water level and supply control)
  • Real-time video feeds for operation
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • Automated collection of mine slope wall data
  • Drilling automation
  • Awareness and detection systems (e.g. moving machinery and collision, gas)
  • Remote control and alarm for emergency generators
  • Asset and human tracking
  • Emergency notification system
  • Mobile Field Communications
  • Transport for SCADA and process control data
  • Temporary communications
  • Backhaul
  • Remote facility connectivity
  • Internet connectivity at base camps for workers
Operação de controle remoto de máquinas de mineração fixas e móveis
Comunicações móveis de campo