Communications for the oil and gas industry need to be reliable and resilient, to operate over large areas under extreme environmental conditions. Production and distribution usually occur in remote area under harsh conditions.

Oil and gas companies face many challenges from optimizing resources and capital investments to managing the distribution system and assuring personnel and facilities safety. To address some of these challenges, this industry has been investing in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to make production and distribution more efficient, for example, through increased automation and remote monitoring of processes.

The wireless industry today offers a variety of solutions that can be used individually or combined as smart solution to address all the different needs of the industry. From mesh, to private LTE, to narrowband technologies; from mobile to fixed systems; there’s a variety of options available today for the oil and gas industry.

  • Automation, control, and remote monitoring of processes (SCADA)
  • Collection of real-time sensor data
  • Equipment shutdown and recovery
  • Production measurement, logging, and control
  • Video surveillance
  • Drill rigs communication and diagnostics
  • Asset tracking
  • Workforce connectivity (e.g. internet, VoIP)

CelPlan can help to select the right technology, prepare an RFP and analyze responses. Once the technology is selected, CelPlan can help with the network design and mentor your team into keeping up with planning and optimization of the network to tackle any challenges that may appear along the way.