CellDesigner™ also calculates network interconnections, interference analysis & reporting for point-to-point, microwave transmission links. It implements all the 3GPP specifications and integrates fully with Google Earth, presenting the Fresnel zone in 3D.

Single point-to-point links can be designed considering terrain, clutter, tower heights, and multiple-knife diffraction. CellDesigner™ can display obstruction in Fresnel zones as well as the path loss. Tower height requirements are automatically displayed for each configuration. A database of all other existing links can be assembled on a regional or national basis.

Users can consider basic types of channel arrangements found in radio transmission systems: co-polar, cross-polar, and co-channel. For each of these cases, CellDesigner™ determines the degradation caused by the interference on a useful channel. Finally, in performance calculations, users can include improvement factors due to the existence of counter measurement devices in the system, such as equalizers, coders, and diversities (space, frequency, and space and frequency). CelPlan has deployed thousands of microwave links in many countries.

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