CelPlan provides a complete set of field services for the telecom and vertical industries.

Field Services

CelPlan drive test services comprise:

  • Field Surveys

Inspecting and documenting the equipment deployed in the field and its interconnections is a very important task and requires specialized knowledge

  • Line of Sight Survey

CelPlan performs measurements in the field to determine the best possibilities for wireless interconnection between cellular stations. With trained personnel, and with all the necessary expertise and equipment, the services of sighting are realized as an integral part of the transmission project.

  • Site Audit Services

Inspection activity for documenting equipment and connections, as well as checking everything that is installed and define free spaces for future installations.

  • Commissioning

Accepting deployed equipment is a complex task, as it requires a deep technology understanding, as well as an experience of what can go wrong with the installed equipment after operational deployment.

  • Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP)

The acceptance of telecommunication networks requires a deep technology understanding. CelPlan prepares procedures that evaluate the network and its performance.

  • Smartphone Tests

Smartphone new models are frequently released and its compatibility with existing networks must be verified. Celplan has specialized teams to evaluate the compatibility and point the incompatibilities.

Network Drive Test Services

CelPlan network drive test services comprise:

  • Network Measurements

Network performance must be periodically evaluated. CelPlan uses third party scanners and network analyzers or uses its own CellScanner to drive test the network and gathered data of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies at multiple bands. Voice and data sessions are established to verify its quality along the routes.

  • RF Propagation Model Tuning

Activity comprising field measurements and calibration of RF propagation parameters to be used by the Engineering Software, to allow RF projects adhere to reality, regardless of technology and frequency band.

  • Indoor Walk Test

Indoor projects are needed to scale and provide quality coverage for environments such as: Malls, Stadiums and Hospitals. The elaboration of these projects takes into consideration the entire environment and how the signals propagate in it. CelPlan has the best indoor propagation model in its CellTrace tool.

  • Benchmarking

Because the wireless market has become competitive to an extraordinary degree, a small performance advantage can mean winning many more customers. To gain this advantage, it is worth investigating how your competition is performing. But how can you get your hands on their RF performance (never an easy piece of information to obtain)? CelPlan offers an answer.

CelPlan has developed a unique method for evaluating your competition by analyzing:

  • Footprint (RF coverage)
  • Population coverage
  • Traffic handling performance
  • Call quality
  • Indoor coverage

Comparisons are made among these statistics, from which CelPlan can propose recommendations for improving your existing deployment, additional deployments, and developing a solid evolution strategy.

CelPlan’s powerful competitor analysis makes it possible for you to target your wireless deployment for maximum market impact. This analysis is invaluable for marketing and management executives in charge of company strategy

  • Interference Location

RF interference is a very common occurrence and requires sophisticated techniques to detect it, mainly when it happens occasionally. CelPlan has developed CellSpectrum, an advanced software defined spectrum analyzer, that can detect the occurrence of interference in a static location or drive testing. Interference location does also apply to new bands, in which interference location is essential before deploying new systems.