CelPlan provides a large portfolio of Telecom Engineering & Consulting Services, supporting all wired and wireless telecom and IT technologies, including the most recent ones like 5G and cybersecurity.

Cellular RF Projects in All Technologies (including 5G)

CelPlan, with its specialized technical staff, designs RF projects for all technologies and frequency bands. Its software, CellDesigner, is independent of the equipment manufacturer, allowing great versatility in the implementation of the projects. In order to carry out its projects, CelPlan uses topography (relief) and morphology (land occupation) databases, developed internally, to carry out designs that are very adherent to reality.

RF Design and Consulting for New Frequency Bands

Our team of engineers keeps up to date on new trends and new frequency bands available for our customers. CelPlan is actively working on the design of networks in both CBRS and TVWS bands and is closely following the progress of C-Band auctions, ready to support our customers on pre-auction analysis and with full designs once licenses are acquired.

Technical Support for Filings with Regulatory Agencies

CelPlan can provide full technical backup for your regulatory filing needs, from pre to post-license and grants application. Our team of engineers can provide the technical expertise to generate feasibility studies, business cases, and technical narratives to describe the planned network in detail. Using our RF design tools, we can generate all required link budgets, plots, and required studies such as population and area served. CelPlan has supported several of its customers in license applications with the FCC.

Cybersecurity Projects

Cybersecurity concerns are on the rise and infrastructure protection is becoming mandatory for several vertical industries like energy. CelPlan provides designs and solutions for the OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information technology) environments.

Transmission Projects

Transmission projects are carried out for the interconnection of stations / sites. In this projects, engineering software, geographic database and the ability to work with diverse technical information is required. Some of the outputs are: Performance Calculation, Interference Calculation.

Indoor Projects

Indoor projects are needed to scale and provide quality coverage for environments such as: Malls, Stadiums and Hospitals. The elaboration of these projects takes into consideration the entire environment and how the signals propagate in it, thus requiring a high degree of knowledge of a qualified Engineer.

Theoretical and Practical Radiometric Report

Theoretical or practical report, signed by an accredited Engineer in an official entity (Regional Council of Engineering and Agriculture), attesting that the limits admitted by the regulatory body were not reached, allowing people to work and / or circulate in the region of transmission of radio frequency signals.

RFP Preparation & Response Analysis

RFPs are becoming complex and should be done independently of vendor claims, but oriented to the deployment requirements. CelPlan is vendor independent and has a deep understanding of the technologies.

RF Design (Pre And Post RFP)

Vendors need to present RF designs for RFPs and presenting a design from an independent party, like CelPlan, gives more credibility to the reply. CelPlan designs are considered as reference, so under or overestimated designs will not be considered.

Demand/Traffic Analysis

Wireless technologies used today are adaptive to the network capacity and self-healing against interference. This makes the traffic demand analysis extremely complex and requires a deep understanding of the traffic offered by the different applications and the real throughput of the technology considering the interference caused by the traffic.

Product Certification Support

CelPlan can support vendors in its product certification process.

Consulting Services

CelPlan has more than 25 years of experience in the design of telecommunications networks. Based on this accumulated know-how, CelPlan offers consulting services to various professional fields, including technology definitions for future projects.

System Optimization

CelPlan can help you maintain and/or expand an existing wireless system. Perhaps not all the most optimal steps were followed in the design phase of your system … or perhaps your design grew progressively and then hit road blocks with expansion — if so, CelPlan can help take your system to the next level of performance easily, cost-effectively, and with the smallest number of changes.

CelPlan recommends that the optimization processes explained below be performed several times a year for rapidly expanding systems. By hiring CelPlan to do this work, you can minimize the cost of optimization in part because you will not have to increase your own workforce. CelPlan can perform:

      • Coverage and interference analysis to identify problem areas
      • Drive tests to evaluate system performance in winter and summer
      • Traffic analysis and recommendations to alleviate bottlenecks
      • Optimization of system parameters for analog and digital networks
      • Redesign that optimizes existing investment and maximizes performance
      • Spectrum cleaning to free additional channels
      • Final drive test to assess redesign work

CelPlan provides Technology Transition Planning and joint operation of technologies. Whether you are looking to increase the accuracy of your RF networks … identify design problems prior to deployment or during operations … correct potential sources of performance deficiency … or monitor the continuing expansion of your network — CelPlan can assist you in optimization that makes a real difference in both operations and costs.

System Design and Audit

The design complexity of simulations and calculations involved in today’s wireless systems demands the most advanced design tools as well as a dedicated corps of engineering and business problem-solvers. Outsourcing design development to CelPlan allows you to tap the expertise, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that result in significant savings and a successful enterprise.

The system evaluation phase results in a complete business plan, resting on a solid foundation of feasibility studies; estimates of the number of RF channels required per year for different penetration rates; demographic data; quantity and cost of equipment needed; technology recommendations; and return on investment. In this phase, CelPlan’s expertise extends across the following typical operations:

      • Economic modeling, which evaluates system options with different implementation strategies
      • Field measurements for evaluation of spectrum cleaning requirements and determination of morphology parameters, using CelTools™ software
      • Determination of the availability and costs of sites
      • Feasibility of PSTN interconnections and transmission systems
      • Assessment of competitors’ performance
      • Database preparation
      • Wireless traffic information displayed in a grid format, with traffic intensity attributes per bin, expressed in Erlang
      • Cell grid generation in a hexagon pattern
      • Coverage goals and precise link budget calculations to achieve the required class of service performance
      • Positioning of sites in accordance with databases and field observations
      • Frequency plan generation
      • Preparation of Composite, Best Server Plots, and Cell Site Search Area Maps, using CelPlanner™ software
      • Networking to optimize interconnections with CellNetwork software
      • Link analysis to ensure proper availability
      • Spectrum management to minimize relocation and/or spectrum cleaning requirements

From small, stand-alone systems to nationwide networks, CelPlan systems have been deployed worldwide and are currently in successful commercial operation. CellDesigner Suite design capabilities encompass all technologies (LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, HSPA, GSM, etc.), numerous applications (cellular, PCS, trunking, paging), and a wide range of frequencies.

Our tools are buttressed by CelPlan’s areas of technological expertise in:

      • Switching equipment design and dimensioning
      • Different transmission technologies (wired cable, optical cable, VHF/UHF, microwave radio, and satellite links)
      • Cell site/base station equipment design
      • Propagation theory and modeling
      • Traffic theory

The combination of CelPlan’s wireless design experience and its profound knowledge of the technology options best suited to each case optimizes equipment and manpower planning, modeling, database preparation, and coverage analysis, so that the bulk of problems are foreseen and resolved while still in the design phase. This capability provides an obvious cost benefit to our customers.

CelPlan’s multilingual staff can offer design and consulting services either as an integral, stand-alone team or in concert with a customer’s engineers.

CelPlan’s unique, state-of-the-art technologies and well-qualified engineers and planners offer a potent combination for any and all phases of wireless deployment. Because our expertise reaches across the planning, equipment, and systems aspects of wireless deployments, CelPlan is in a strong position to create cost-effective, smoothly executed solutions to your wireless system designs.

Certified Training & Technology Transfer

Technologies and tools are becoming more and more complex, besides being in a constant evolution. Engineers must be trained in the technology and the usage of the tools. CelPlan has a team of seasoned engineers that are abreast of the technological evolution and can provide such training classes.

Capital/Economic Model

Deploying advanced systems requires significant capital investments and the return of those should be verified. In many cases the investments are remunerated through tariffs and this makes the calculations extremely complicated. CelPlan has the resources required to do this analysis, so the investment remuneration can be properly evaluated.