CelPlan provides several training classes for different audiences. The classes can be open to multiple companies and individuals or closed to a specific company.

Classes can be held at CelPlan facilities, customer facilities or universities.

CelPlan has general interest classes or can develop specific content classes.

The main general categories are:

  • Technology classes cover the different technologies. Available classes are:
    • RF principles and propagation models
    • P25 and Tetra
    • GSM and UMTS
    • OFDM technologies: Principles, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE
    • LTE 4G
    • IoT
    • LTE 5G
  • Design classes cover network design procedures
    • Design steps 101
    • Demographics and Traffic
    • Network Optimization (site placement, coverage enhancement, code and frequency plan)
    • Adaptive Networks and Customer Experience
  • Design tool classes
    • CellPlanner hands-oh
    • CellNetwork hands-on
    • CellDesigner hands-on
    • CellTrace hands-on
    • CellBI hands-on
    • CellAircraft hands-on
  • Drive test classes
    • CellSpectrum hands-on
    • CellScanner hands-on
    • CellPhone hands-on

CelPlan supports Wireless Technology programs in several universities by providing its tools to them.

Universities can apply at [email protected].

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