• 16 de August de 2019
CellProbeTM is a selection of tools used to measure throughput and debug IP connections. It is tailored in such a way to [...]

Custom Solutions

  • 16 de August de 2019
CelPlan's expertise with solution for the challenges of wireless networks, experience in the industry and powerful software building resources makes it a [...]

CellTrace Suite

  • 16 de August de 2019
Floorplan in ProMan showing indoor coverage analysis CelPlan Technologies, an authorized distributor of Altair Engineering, Inc, offers CellTrace Suite, which includes: ProMan [...]


  • 16 de August de 2019
CellOFDMTM is a georeferenced Software-defined LTE 3D Scanner. Outdoor and indoor capture mode 4G LTE carrier parsing with following detection phases: PSS [...]


  • 16 de August de 2019
*Click to enlarge. The growing demand for throughput has been propelling the advent of new transmission technologies and features such as 5G-NR [...]


  • 16 de August de 2019
CellDigitizerTM is a Software-Defined Radio Receiver that samples and digitizes up to 125 MHz of spectrum at a time, from 9 kHz [...]

Customer Experience Enhancement Solutions

  • 4 de October de 2019
Customer Experience Enhancement Solutions CelPlan Wireless Enhancement Solutions provide Customer Experience Improvement, Capacity Increase and CAPEX/PEX reduction. CelPlan has developed a unique [...]


  • 2 de August de 2019
Software Solutions Geographical databases-old Design Solutions Network Planning and Optimization Point-to-point Planning Indoor Planning Custom Network Design Solutions Business Intelligence Customer Experience [...]

Project and consulting

  • 26 de July de 2019
Projects Wireless Networks Backhaul/Backbone Microwave Link Design Telecom Master Plans RFx Analysis BI Solutions Wi4Net™ Drive/Walk Tests Indoor and DAS Systems Since [...]