Software for Planning & Designing Wireless Communication Systems

CellDesigner™ is a next generation suite of RF planning and optimization tools that is based on customer experience perspective and provides reliable/long lasting network performance.

The tools in CellDesigner™ suite include CelPlanner™ for network modeling and analyses of coverage and interference, and traffic simulation; CellNetwork for backhaul planning; CellPerformance™ for integration of field measurement data (filtering, post-processing and model calibration), automatic cell planning (ACP), automatic frequency and resource planning (AFP), and hyper windows visualization to facilitate analysis of output data; and CelData™ for GIS database editing.

Vendor-agnostic, the tools’ flexible interface allows modeling of multiple wireless technologies, from the latest 5G-NR, 4G-LTE and WiFi 6.0, through 3G, 2G and other legacy systems.

Soluções para Projeto de Redes
Software para Planejar e Projetar Sistemas de Comunicação Sem Fio

The tools also support specialized and point-to-multipoint systems such as WiFi (802.11), 802.16, AEROMACS, trunking, PMR/LMR (e.g. P25, Tetra), LPWAN/MESH (e.g. LoRa, SigFox) and proprietary systems, such as narrowband radios. Video and Satellite systems (e.g. DVB-H/SH) can also be designed in the tools.

To offer a complete wireless solution, CellDesigner™ also provides backhaul design (point-to-point).Main features of the tool include:

  • Multi-vendor and multi-technology support
  • Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP)
  • Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)
  • Integrated GIS platform (no need for external applications)
  • Integrated planning of area, point-to-multipoint and point-to-point systems
  • Backhaul and backbone planning
  • Google Earth integration (export of sites, endpoints, links and predictions)
  • Drive test integration
  • Accurate and advance propagation models, with capability of integrating multiple clutter types, heights and resolution layers