CellDigitizerTM is a Software-Defined Radio Receiver that samples and digitizes up to 125 MHz of spectrum at a time, from 9 kHz to 40 GHz. This sampling is done with up to 125 MSamples/s with 14-bit digitization. All samples can be GPS tagged.

The receiver has a large dynamic range and automatic input level regulation to avoid saturation when close to transmitters. The system counts with a small form factor and is light weight, with low power consumption.

CellDigitizerTM hardware has three models covering up to the following frequency ranges: CD08 (up to 8 GHz), CD18 (up to 18 GHz), CD27 (up to 27 GHz). A 30 GHz and 40 GHz version will be available soon.

CellDigitizerTM captures the spectrum and stores it for instantaneous or future analysis. This provides great processing flexibility and can provide forensic evidence.

Testes e Medições

CellSpectrumTM and CellScannerTM process the spectrum captured by CellDigitizerTM during collection or afterward using the saved data.

CellScannerTM helps in tasks of air-interface analysis for LTE / UMTS / GSM technologies allowing record of all drive test route (outdoor / indoor) information with associated geodetical coordinates where the user can select multiple channels and technologies to be scanned at the same time. It incorporates an automatic gain features to allow maximum dynamic range as well as avoiding saturation in presence of strong signals. Find more about CellScanner here.

CellSpectrumTM helps in tasks as Spectrum Clearance / Monitoring and Signal Level Propagation allowing record and playback of geolocated traces on the configured spectrum, and collection of multiple CW channels at the same time. The user can select the frequency, span bandwidth, resolution bandwidth, static and dynamic markers (up to 32 each). Find more about CellSpectrum here.

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