CellExperience™ is revolutionizing the optimization of 4G networks, by locating the offender cells and indicating where new cells should be deployed to increase network capacity.

Traditional methods, like drive test and OSS measurements provide lots of network information but this could be misleading, as it often leads to attempts of fixing the wrong cell or recommendation for unnecessary new cell deployments.

Analyses made by CelPlan’s team in several customers and industry feedback has shown that out of every five new sites deployed for capacity expansion, in average, only one results in actual increase of network capacity; the remaining sites become useless network overhead. The main reason this happens is because traditional measuring techniques can only provide results after these new sites are deployed.

CellExperience™ allows weeding out these unnecessary sites before deployment and predicts, with precision, what will happen with network capacity after new sites are deployed. This implies in huge reductions in CAPEX; besides, a reduction in drive tests and truck rolls to fix the network also promotes lower OPEX expenditures.

CellExperience™ concept is based on the following network considerations:

  • Facts
    • Internet traffic automatically adjusts to the network capacity, through its built-in throttling nature
    • 4G and 5G networks are adaptive and self-healing
  • Problem
    • Traditional methodologies cannot cope with these facts and cannot measure customer satisfaction
    • Networks run into capacity problems, which cannot be evaluated due to the adaptive characteristic of the traffic
    • 70% of the sites deployed today to solve capacity issues, do not aggregate any capacity and in some cases reduce it
  • Solution
    • CellExperiencesolves these issues by analyzing network traffic growth and correctly predicting the performance of changes done to the network
    • It minimizes CAPEX and saves OPEX
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