CellOFDMTM is a georeferenced Software-defined LTE 3D Scanner.

  • Outdoor and indoor capture mode
  • 4G LTE carrier parsing with following detection phases:
    • PSS (Primary Synch Signal) scanning
    • SSS (Secondary Synch Signal) detection
    • MIB decoding

Performance counters generated by post-processing:

  • Frequency Fade (mean and deviation)
  • Noise Power
  • Primary Synchronization Signal (PSS) power
  • Received Signal Strength Information (RSSI)
  • Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP)
  • Reference Signal Received Quality (RSRQ)
  • Signal Power
  • Time Fade (mean and deviation)
  • Antenna Correlation I and Q and Magnitude
  • PSS Power Delay Profile (PDP)
  • Time Frequency Grid (TFG)
  • Channel Frequency Response
  • Channel Impulse Response
  • Rx Grid
Desvanescimento de Frequência – Fade