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CellPerformance brings a series of specialized functions into the CellDesigner package: Automatic Frequency and Resources Planning (AFP), Automatic Cell Planning (ACP), and Field Measurement Data Processing and Propagation Model Calibration.

CellPerformance features an automatic resource-planning tool that utilizes sophisticated statistical algorithms to allow the user to dramatically increase the network capacity and performance. It automatically and efficiently optimizes hand-off thresholds, neighbor lists, and frequency plans. It is the only tool in the industry that allows sequential layers of optimization and geographic performance analysis for the entire network.

Additionally, CellPerformance is also capable of automatically shaping cell footprints to simultaneously minimize interference (considering diversity effects), while maintaining the same coverage, and balancing traffic. It allows optimization of radiated power, antenna type, tilt, azimuth, and height. Users can specify parameters changes for each sector, their relative priority, and the acceptable value range for each modification.

For Field Measurement Data Processing, CellPerformance can be configured to import data from virtually all types of measurement equipment, from general spectrum analyzers to specialized vendors’ equipment allowing engineers to open multiple, synchronized windows for easy analysis of various types of information. The tool offers GPS correction (differential) for measurements in places where service is unavailable, filtering by frequency, signal level (with or without a grid reference), distance sampling frequency, and time, filtering by geographic area, morphology type, or obstruction and display of measurements graphically by distance or acquisition order and geographical display.