CellSpectrum Plus

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The growing demand for throughput has been propelling the advent of new transmission technologies and features such as 5G-NR and 4G/LTE-A, smart antenna systems, massive-MIMO and widespread use of small cells.

The success of deployment of these new technologies however, depends greatly on a clean spectrum, free of interference, to maximize transfer rates.

OFDM/OFDMA systems, such as 4G/LTE, 5G, or even the new WiFi 6 (802.11ax), require more detailed knowledge and multipath analyses of the RF communication channels within the whole area of deployment.

CellSpectrum is a Software-Defined Geo-referenced Spectrum Analyzer that collects the spectrum captured by CellDigitizer and processes it. CellSpectrum can scan the entire spectrum captured by CellDigitizer in blocks of 100 MHz bandwidth.

CellSpectrum main features include:

  • Test mode allows spectrum recording
  • Playback of recorded spectrum traces
  • Channel and range (user-selectable) power calculation
  • Collected samples are geo-tagged
  • Export ASCII files
  • No overlap or underlap when selecting the RBW and span
  • Maximum, average, current, and minimum values traces
  • Graph marks
  • Charts zoom in and out
CellScanner Plus