CelPlan‘s expertise with solution for the challenges of wireless networks, experience in the industry and powerful software building resources makes it a perfect partner to create customized tools to address our clients’ specific needs. Some examples of our custom software include Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, FCC  compliance analysis, E911 location system design, and air-to-ground coverage and interference analysis.

CellAircraft is a powerful tool for evaluation of throughput on the downlink of air-to-ground (ATG) networks.

Due to the extensive coverage area of this type network, CelPlan invested in the optimization of the software so it is possible to calculate vast areas (e.g. countrywide designs) in a relatively short time.

ATG networks require spectrum and with the current shortage of spectrum it becomes essential to look into interference in more detail, to optimize spectrum usage as much as possible without impacting system performance.

CellAircraft integrates with a customer-specified algorithm to predict aircraft throughput considering coverage and interference. The process uses a CelPlanner project for the layout and expected coverage of sites and calculates throughput, noise rise, signal level, and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) over a grid for multiple aircraft heights. The tool also implements a feature that helps in identifying the best location for additional sites and the effect these new sites will have on the aircraft.