For nearly a hundred years, telecommunications mainly consisted of voice services and very low speed data (telegraph and telex). With the advent of the Internet, several data services became mainstream in telecommunications, to the point that voice is becoming an accessory to IP-centric data networks.

Today, high-speed data services are already part of our daily lives at work and at home (e.g. web surfing, e-mail, virtual private networks, VoIP, virtual meetings, chats). And the demand for high-speed data services should grow even more with the increasing number of people telecommuting and the pervasiveness of portable and mobile devices.

Today’s engineers have to be masters of multiple trades, as the different specialties converge. The design of a wireless network requires knowledge of business plans, networking, data applications, data protocols, data traffic, RF propagation, multiple wireless technologies, measurement techniques, optimization methodologies among many other topics.

CelPlan understands these needs and strives to provide a complete solution to target each of the tasks required to design, optimize, and maintain a wireless network.

Celplan offers a complete suite of software solutions for wireless networks in several technologies and frequency bands; the tools support RF network planning (Area, PTP, and PTP), implementation, measurement and performance validation, and optimization. Because the networks need to keep up with the increasing demand, legacy systems must be reviewed and optimized to open up spectrum for new technologies.

Our solutions for designing wireless networks include: