Since 1992, Celplan dedicates itself to the design and specialized consulting for wireless networks to provide its customers with state-of-the-art solutions.

Celplan ’s portfolio includes a variety of wireless technologies supporting the design of complex networks with its CellDesigner suite of tools and high-resolution GIS databases. Besides traditional planning, our suite of tools can help our customers from pre to post deployment through network optimization, drive-tests, benchmarking and post processing of data.

A specific example of such work is our CelNetwork module, which allows design of a network, integrating the RF planning with microwave links or optical fibers backbone.

The design of a point-to-point system consists on the detailed study of performance of each wireless link according to ITU recommendations. Our team can also analyze capacity and interference between the links within the network.

An example of a custom tool developed by our team, is the NLG (Network Link Generator, which allows integration of CelPlanner with SITAR (Anatel’s data base – Anatel is the regulatory agency in Brazil). With this tool our customers can automatically import information from the database into their CelPlanner project. This allows them to have a better visualization of all existing links in the Area of Interest (AoI) and thus create a better plan with better quality of links.

In many cases, the analysis of network/service performance requires drive and/or walk-tests, for example in hotels, shopping centers, and buildings; or even benchmarking with the service rendered by other carriers. Using the result of these analyses, Celplan can provide to its customers optimized design and solutions for service improvement such as DAS, indoor/outdoor.

Celplan also does strategical consulting to create Master Telecommunication Plans (MPT), specially for utilities. The MPT may include network design and technology definition, finding the best solutions for expected growth, considering both OPEX and CAPEX, and creating short, medium, and long terms scenarios. Celplan can also follow up these studies with RFx generation and validation of RFIs/RFPs to support the utilities in taking technical decisions related to its telecommunications network.

The market evolution and new technologies make a large amount of data available to our customers; aware of this, CelPlan is dedicating itself to helping its customers to analyze and capitalize on this information by providing solutions that include big data and Business Intelligence (BI), transforming all the data into valuable insight. An example is the creation of dashboards that correlate multiple areas and help our customers to take decisions in a quick and assertive way, or correlation of data from diverse sources to identify patterns that indicate the need to reorganize the maintenance process, and then recommending preventive rather than corrective actions.