Celplan has professional staff with specialization in multiple technology areas, allowing us to provide intelligent solutions for wireless, transmission, IT, and analytics/BI projects. We also offer specialized Manpower, assigning skilled consultants to address specific tasks and projects that our customers cannot address with their own teams.

Depending on the requirements of the project, we use our own full-time employees or hire candidates specifically to work at our customers’ own facilities. We work closely to customers to clearly identify their needs, guaranteeing that the selected resources will be adequate for the task. During deployment of candidates, CelPlan is systematically monitoring the project and keeping track of all activities together with project coordinators, promoting interaction within the team and constantly evaluating performance and any additional needs that may arise.

Celplan has extensive experience in the telecommunication area and offers the best value consulting, with emphasis in planning and optimization of wireless networks, wireless and optical transmission networks (microwave/fiber), IT, OSS, and core.

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