Wireless technologies have evolved at such a fast pace that it has become increasingly difficult for professionals to keep up-to-date with all the changes in standards, technologies, market trends and development.

Realizing this void, Celplan has developed a series of training & technology transfer programs to cover all major issues, technologies and the most recent developments & standards in the wireless telecommunications arena.

Celplan also offers a comprehensive array of training courses that follows market trends and focuses on the newest telecommunication technologies. Our 4G Technologies and Network Design Boot Camp, 5G/IoT and Smart Energy Applications, and our 5G for Babies are prime examples of our technology-based training courses.

All the research and effort put into creating some of our training classes has been compiled and extended and published as books by John Wiley and Sons. Some classes are also offered through our website (and YouTube channel) as webinars.

Celplan also offers a Technology Transfer Program, which is designed to enable capacity building and knowledge transfer to the client’s organization. This objective is realized over an extended period of time by placing seasoned Celplan engineers within the client’s organization, where they not only function as an integral part of the customer’s day-to-day operations & engineering teams, but they also provide on the job guidance & training to the members of the team.

We also offer private, instructor-led classes to organizations. These classes can be customized to your group’s needs & backgrounds and can be taught on-site at your facilities, in our office in Reston, VA, USA or as an online session in a virtual classroom. Please contact our Sales Team to obtain more information on our Training & Technology Transfer Programs.