Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) is a wireless broadband technology that supports the increasing need for data communications and information sharing on the airport surface for both fixed and mobile applications. Based on the mature WiMAX standard (IEEE 802.16e), AeroMACS operates in the protected and licensed aviation spectrum band from 5091 MHz to 5150 MHz.

AeroMACS enables ground-to-aircraft communications to support both current applications and new ones that require more bandwidth. Its benefits extend beyond a higher throughput in ground communications. AeroMACS is a key technology to the aviation industry to improve communications on the airport surface by providing increased transmission of Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Airline Operations Communications (AOC) to relieve traffic, congestions, and delays, and to support the safety and regularity of flight. Major AeroMACS strengths are its security, flexibility, reliability, scalability and interoperability to support global deployments.

Sistema Aeronáutico de Comunicação Móvel de Aeroportos
Serviços de engenharia para o AeroMACS

CelPlan provides exceptional Wireless Network Planning Solutions and Engineering Services for AeroMACS

 AeroMACS Service Prediction Software

 AeroMACS Resource Optimization Software

 Airport modeling

 RF propagation calibration

 RF Multipath analysis

 Communications Availability Analysis

 Specialized Consulting

 Backhaul Design

Wireless Network Design for Critical Infrastructure

CelPlan designs wireless networks with specific latency and reliability goals to enable the deployment of AeroMACS and other sensitive operations in Critical Infrastructure environments. Typical network specifications used during our design & planning exercises are: Reliability: >99.99%, Availability: >99.999%, Latency: <20 ms

CelPlan Provides Professional Designs

 Precise and deterministic designs based on RF propagation characteristics for Summer and Winter operations

 Sharing of existing operator’s infrastructure or design of Advanced 4G Networks

 Reliable communications protocol development

 Field measurement for RF propagation characterization

 Reliable wireless communication deployment:

 Umbrella and local access cells

 Backhaul designs

Projetos de Backhaul