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CelPlanner Suite Release 11.4

Reston, VA, February 13th, 2013 - CelPlan Technologies is pleased to announce our newest release of software tools CelPlanner Suite 11.4. This release brings several new features for all the different technologies covered by our tools.


CelPlanner adds the possibility of defining a different propagation model and parameters table per sector. This allows more freedom to network designers when working with databases of multiple resolutions or sites that have drastic differences between sectors (i.e. different antenna heights). The tool also modifies two existing features to make easier the day-to-day operation of the tool: the reverse interference matrix is automatically updated prior to traffic simulation and the C/I of subscribers is calculated even when there is no interference from other sites.


The CelView family of tools adds support to 256-color images, which allows subscribers to have better definition on the imagery used as background for predictions.


CelOptima implements multi-threading for generating matrices and frequency plan; this feature increases the speed with which these processes are executed proportionally to the number of processors available in the machine. CelOptima also adds simulated annealing as an option of algorithm when optimizing frequency plans. This algorithm mimics the physical annealing process that occurs naturally in solids when they reach a stable state of minimum energy after passing through a process of temperature reduction. The method, as implemented in CelOptima, reflects different aspects of the suggested approaches in the literature to handle frequency planning optimization problems. The other algorithm used by the tool, Heuristic Method, was also empirically customized to improve scores.




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