System Optimization

CelPlan can help you maintain and/or expand an existing wireless system. Perhaps not all the most optimal steps were followed in the design phase of your system ... or perhaps your design grew progressively and then hit road blocks with expansion — if so, CelPlan can help take your system to the next level of performance easily, cost-effectively, and with the smallest number of changes.


CelPlan recommends that the optimization processes explained below be performed several times a year for rapidly expanding systems. By hiring CelPlan to do this work, you can minimize the cost of optimization in part because you will not have to increase your own workforce.


CelPlan can perform:

  • Coverage and interference analysis to identify problem areas
  • Drive tests to evaluate system performance in winter and summer
  • Traffic analysis and recommendations to alleviate bottlenecks
  • Optimization of system parameters for analog and digital networks
  • Redesign that optimizes existing investment and maximizes performance
  • Spectrum cleaning to free additional channels
  • Final drive test to assess redesign work
  • Technology transition planning and joint operation of technologies

Whether you are looking to increase the accuracy of your RF networks ... identify design problems prior to deployment or during operations ... correct potential sources of performance deficiency ... or monitor the continuing expansion of your network — CelPlan can assist you in optimization that makes a real difference in both operations and costs.


How Does Your Wireless System Compare?

Because the wireless market has become competitive to an extraordinary degree, a small performance advantage can mean winning many more customers. To gain this advantage, it is worth investigating how your competition is performing. But how can you get your hands on their RF performance (never an easy piece of information to obtain)? CelPlan offers an answer.


We have developed a unique method for evaluating your competition by analyzing:

  • Footprint (RF coverage)
  • Population coverage
  • Traffic handling performance
  • Call quality
  • Indoor coverage

Comparisons are made among these statistics, from which CelPlan can propose recommendations for improving your existing deployment, additional deployments, and developing a solid evolution strategy.


CelPlan’s powerful competitor analysis makes it possible for you to target your wireless deployment for maximum market impact. This analysis is invaluable for marketing and management executives in charge of company strategy.


Please contact our Sales Team to obtain more information on this and other services CelPlan can provide to your organization.